Skilled immigration

Skilled immigration

A qualified immigration visa provides experienced professionals to moveх, live and work in Australia in order to overcome a shortage of qualified personnel.

It is believed that candidates who travel to Australia on a Recognized Graduation Visa have opened the immigration door. In the context of a new graduate visa, you can have experience as an engineer in Australia and start working on immigration.

The most important four conditions for a qualified immigration visa are that the applicant must be between 18 and 45 years old. Knowledge of English (at least 6 in IELTS), have a profession from a list of professions and work experience in that profession. A qualified immigration visa can be submitted both with the help of an employer / state sponsor, as well as without a sponsor.

Qualified Immigrant Visa: How can I earn points?


  • One of the requirements for applying for an Australian qualified immigration visa is that applicants must be between 18 and 45 years of age. Candidate scores vary by age.


  • You can apply depending on whether your profession is on the list of required professions or not.


  • Australia is one of the countries where English is the official language. You will be asked to know the language of the country in which you are applying for immigration. Your knowledge of English should be reflected in the exam results, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and CAE. Your score will vary depending on your score.


  • It is important how much experience you have in this job, except that your profession is on the list of required professions. In accordance with your work experience, an Australian qualified immigration system is awarded. As your experience increases, your score will also increase.


  • One of the important issues of obtaining an immigration visa to Australia is education. If you graduated from an accredited university, your education status and the approval of the respective professional chambers are the conditions for applying. In addition, with the growth of your level of education (bachelor, doctorate) your score will also increase.

Other factors;

  • There are other factors that should be considered when applying for Australian qualified immigration visas, where candidates cannot score enough for age, profession, English, work experience and training. Other conditions under which you can earn points are that the candidate can know and prove a language other than English, and that the candidate's profession is included in the list of required professions.

Qualified (qualified) immigration visa application

  • A qualified immigration application is a visa application that lasts from 8 to 12 months and has a high cost. It is important to make sure that the conditions are appropriate for you before applying for a qualified immigration visa. Applying qualified immigration is not an easy scoring system. This application with a variety of operations and information that require attention. This includes many technical issues that require professional help in choosing the right profession category in accordance with government criteria. For this reason, the most important stage of applying for an immigrant visa begins with a preliminary analysis. In this report, candidates will be able to analyze their right to receive an immigration visa, taking into account their resume and additional information, as well as calculate the points they can get for a qualified immigration visa. Different scenarios are studied when calculating points. Provides information on state sponsorship and quota for candidates. The report also covers visa fees, deadlines, occupational quotas and statistics.

Check out the frequently asked questions about skilled immigration below;

Where should immigration begin?

Three key factors for obtaining an Australian immigration visa should be considered at the outset. These include: knowledge of English, education and profession. You must know the language of the country in which you want to apply for immigration. You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of English through IELTS, TOEFL and CAE. For example, your IELTS score must be at least 6. These are important topics that will be considered at the beginning of your education and your profession. The adequacy of your level of education coincides with the education system in Australia. For example, if you are an engineer, you will also be asked to get professional accreditation. Your experience in this profession and having a business in Australia is also considered. Another important factor is the overlap between the area you have completed and the work you are doing. If you are not doing work related to your field of study, a significant period of 8 years of your work experience is considered education. Summarizing, we can say that the first topics to be considered before applying for immigration are knowledge of English, education and profession.

Is my score enough for immigration?

It is based on an Australian immigration visa assessment system. You earn points by getting different points from your training, profession, general work experience, knowledge of English, and even your partner’s professional and foreign knowledge. You can do this assessment yourself or through a consultant. An Australian Qualified Immigrant Visa is an application that must be carefully checked and the assessment must be calculated in the same way. Therefore, we recommend professional help.

How many points can I get?

There are points that need to be taken into account and processed in detail when recruiting a qualified immigration visa to Australia. This rating is usually not a system, passed by scoring points for each information. When performing the calculation it may be necessary to use various examples. You can contact our GKR consultants for professional help in calculating your score.

When can I apply?

There is no date for applying for an immigration visa to Australia. You can apply at any time during the year.

My profession is not on the list of required professions?

A prerequisite for applying for an immigration visa to Australia is that your profession is included in the list of required professions. If your profession is not on these lists, your application will not be accepted.

Can I apply if I am a recent graduate?

Your new graduation or lack of work experience is not an obstacle to applying for an Australian qualified immigration visa. However, you will not receive points from your work experience, and this can lead to serious points. You will need to consider the various options for the loss of points and find out where you can score points.

My knowledge of English is insufficient. Can I apply?

You will also be asked to know the language of Australia where you will apply for immigration. You must get enough points for the exams (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and CAE). If you feel that your knowledge of English is not enough, you can attend English language courses in Turkey or abroad. Detailed information about foreign language courses and language schools can be obtained from our consultants for training in the GKR.

For more information about the price of our preliminary analysis and reporting service and the corresponding immigration visa, please contact our GKR consultants.