Our Services


We provide our applicants with multiple consulting services as well as visa consulting. You can find information on our services below.

Visa Consulting includes;

- Implementation of visa procedures;

  • Preparation of a customized list of documents,
  • Control of the prepared documents,
  • Making necessary warnings about the correction of missing or incorrect documents,
  • Filling out visa application forms,
  • Writing visa motivation letter,
  • Forwarding relevant documents to the sworn translators for translation,
  • Providing travel health insurance policy
  • Installation corrected documents to the visa control system for the last time,
  • Making an appointment for the fingerprint procedure,
  • Responding to the requests of the immigration authorities in Australia about the additional information during the visa termination and report the result of the visa application.

- Travel arrangements; Directing clients to our travel agency for discounted flight tickets, Advising on transportation from airport to temporary accommodation, advise on temporary accommodation options,

- Counselling on how to find a job; Training for job interviews and preparation of your resume,

- Providing with necessary information about immigration to Australia.